We’ve been listening & watching. We’ve been having hard conversations stimulated by our new work library, from which we’ve all been reading. We’ve been learning & reflecting and we will be taking actions accordingly, actions that last over time and hopefully begin to affect some positive change. Here’s what you can expect from FOGA moving forward, and what you can hold us accountable to:

  1. W⁠e have learned that one of the most important things we can do is to give our time. We are encouraging our team to seek out mentorship opportunities within Schools and Charities and will be giving them time to do so. This will be actively encouraged for all new starters as well.⁠
  2. We have learned about the profound impact of lack of representation in the media (both mainstream and social) on the feeling of otherness. We will be actively seeking to diversify the content that we put out & the creators that we work with.⁠
  3. We will be actively seeking to work with black ambassadors, with the intention of moving some of our marketing spend away from Facebook and towards people.⁠
  4. We will be actively encouraging more diversity within our team. Since our inception, we have been an inclusive & diverse group, but this needs to continue & further improve.

We’re a small business but one that wants to be a force for good in the world. This is a movement, not a moment. Change happens slowly through intentional and enduring action.⁠

Black lives matter.⁠

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