Your natural nutritional armour

Our products help you fit the natural, nutrient rich foods you want into your busy life, so you can feel your best for the things you love.


Organic breakfast smoothie shakes. High protein, high fibre & one of your five a day.

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Energising whole fruit smoothie blends that make it easy to eat the rainbow of fruit & veg. 

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Essentials Blends

Food and smoothie boosters to supercharge your meals & boost your diet.

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7 Day Detox Plan

Our go-to to detox, reset, renew & revitalise, the 7 Day Revitalise bundle includes 7 daily shakes, a plant based meal/detox plan, shaker & support. 

I just finished the 7 Day Revitalise Plan and I’m feeling INCREDIBLE!


“I’m on day 5 of the revitalise detox and I have woken up feeling like a new person.”


The plan was easier than I expected but SO much more powerful.


Natural Nutrients Nothing Else

Food shouldn’t contain chemicals. Everything in our products grew on a bush or a tree – 100% plant based and natural, no nasties. There’s no preservatives, fillers or additives. No sweeteners or flavourings – just fruit & veg with all the vitamins it had when it was picked. Here’s how we achieve that.

Organic Produce picked at its Peak

Organic Produce Picked at its Best

With no time waiting on shelves, our produce doesn’t need to be picked before it’s ripe.

Flash Frozen within Hours

Flash Frozen within Hours

Flash freezing preserves the cell structure, and with it, the taste & nutrients.

Thawed in a Vacuum Chamber

Thawed in a Vacuum Chamber

The low pressure dries out the produce perfectly. Nothing is added.

Ground into a Fine Powder

Ground into a fine Powder

Cold ground to preserve all the fibre and unstable vitamins. 

Natural Immunity Bundles

Bundles of smoothies loaded with ingredients that are proven to naturally support our immunity with a free Natural Nutrition Immunity Guide.


Our Story

Hey, we are Phoebe & Ollie.

With busy working lives, we found it hard to eat the amount of fruit & veg we knew we needed so we started making smoothie blends in our kitchen. The nutrient boost made us feel amazing, so we launched FOGA to help more busy people benefit from powerful plants.

Foga Founders Signature - Phoebe & Ollie