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It is a truth universally acknowledged that any person in possession of a comfortable bed, must be in want of nothing more. We joke, but seriously, we all know how amazing a good night’s sleep is. The health benefits of good sleep are not to be underestimated either.  Apart from being grumpy in the morning, poor sleep affects our hormone production and mental function. As sleep has always been part of our schedule since the day we were born, we reckon sleep is often overlooked in terms of its benefits for our health. 

We want you to feel like you’ve woken up on the right side of the bed every single day, so we have compiled six easy tips to make sure you’re making the most out of your beauty sleep. We will start right from the beginning of the day…

1. Wake up right.  Try a sunrise alarm clock for those of you who feel like you’re waking up at 3am to catch that £38 Easyjet flight every single morning.  Both Phoebe & Ollie swear by their Lumie Life alarm clock for early winter mornings. Light gradually fills the room thirty minutes before your alarm sounds.  When the alarm finally goes off you feel awake and ready for the day. 

2. Take a tepid shower. We’ve all had summer nights where we had the windows open, fans on, duvets off and it still felt like a desert. Taking a cold shower seems like a great idea, but if the water is too cold, your body heats up in response- and you’re then hotter than you were before. Showering in tepid water brings body temperature down slightly, mimicking what happens during sleep (and keeping you cool). 


Cool down by taking a trip to tepid town

3. No caffeine after 4pm. It can stay elevated in your blood for eight hours, so drinking coffee anytime after the mid-afternoon hurts sleep quality. In even more bad news, drinking alcohol late is bad for nighttime melatonin production. Even eating a big meal shortly before bed can affect the production of hormones we need for good sleep. It’s hard to do, but cutting late night snacks, gym sessions, night-cap drinks or deadline-beating coffees can really help us sleep better.

4. Ditch the evening run. Exercise is great for sleep quality and length, but it does also stimulate adrenaline. It may be a convenient time to work out, but exercising late at night is not great for sleep. Ever felt physically exhausted but you can’t stop your heart from pounding? 

5. Ban the blue light from the bedroom. We’re talking no phones, tablets and laptops late at night as it negatively impacts your sleep. How? It tricks your brain into thinking it’s daytime, reducing the production of helpful hormones like melatonin. There are lenses available that block blue light, but a much easier way to cut out blue light is to put your devices down well before you go to bed. It’ll help the production of the right hormones at the right time for a good sleep, and you may finally get round to finishing the book you’ve been halfway through for six months..

6. Meditate. Try Headspace or Calm, they have specific sleep series but honestly just doing a basic 10 min breathing track can often be enough to calm your heart and mind down at the end of a busy day.

Sleep is so important to a healthy lifestyle. Regular exercise and a careful diet are too often seen as the only ways to get healthier – but sleep needs to be treated as importantly. People make time for the gym and carefully record what they eat but let sleep go by the wayside. Hopefully our tips can help you make a change here or there that set you in the right direction.


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