We’ve all suddenly got a lot of spare time on our hands – a thing some of us won’t have ever had before. It will be so easy to spend endless hours scrolling through depressing and dull feeds because there’s nowhere to go and nothing to do. Using the excuse you can’t talk to your friends or even do your job without social media. Or you’ll go the other way and become a total alcoholic – don’t worry there’s no judgment here! 

This is all well and good for a couple of days but on your 5th day you’ll probably be at breaking point feeling pretty lonely and disheartened, and pretty rough if you let that 6pm gin habit take hold!

Get ready for the ultimate digital detox while in lockdown:

Book Club

Start a digital book club. It sounds pretty contradictory I know but hear me out. 

Decide on a book you really want to read, get your friends and family involved. Then set a day for you all to go cold turkey on social media, tv all of it and just read the book. If Saturday is reading day, schedule a group video call where you talk about the book together over a drink and maybe a slice of cake. Have fun with it!  Just because you have to stay at your home doesn’t mean you can’t find ways of having real social connection. You’re going to need to if you want to stay sane! 

My must reads are: 

  • Small Great Things – Jodie Picoult 
  • Jack Reacher series – Lee Childs 
  • Eat, Pray Love – Elizabeth Gilbert (cliché I know)

Home workouts

Everyone’s been saying it and at risk of sounding like a broken record here goes nothing! Home workouts are super important. So many PTs are going to be losing income from the lockdown because they’re self employed. We’re launching a programme of home workouts, mindfulness & entertainment on Instagram. We’re paying instructors, but giving them to you for free.


We’re not the only ones though, there’s loads of great stuff on Instagram and Youtube for you to incorporate making it super easy to get that dopamine boost even from indoors. Save the workout and set time aside for when you’re going to do it, spending 30 minutes working out at home is much more productive than scrolling for a funny meme.

Learn something new:

Easier said than done I know but, a fun little hack is to get a buddy to do it with you. You can compete to see who learns faster/ is better. Whoever learns the most sentences in a different language wins, whoever knits a jumper first wins. BTW knitting is actually super calming and relaxing even if you’re not 75 years old! Whatever skill it is you’ve always wanted to learn how to do now is the perfect time. It’ll keep your mind busy and force you to keep off of those pesky social media apps!

Pick up the phone: 

Everyone is so scared of a phone call nowadays. Realistically texting is pretty impersonal. Give your friends and family a 10 minute call to check in on them rather than a text. You’ll feel so much more connected to each other afterwards.

Why don’t you try out that Houseparty app which allows you to group video chat super easily. It’s literally like you’re all there together!  Now might actually be the best time for us all to get a bit closer and feel more connected to one another – even while we’re separated.

If you guys have any other suggestions let us know – we’re always looking for fun new things to try. 

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