Breakfast Oatshakes

High Protein Breakfast shakes made from simple whole food ingredients. Naturally packed with nutrients to help you feel your best no matter what.

Prebiotic Fibre
Prebiotic fibre, naturally present in our organic blends, feeds your gut microbiome helping to maintain balance in your gut.
Vitamin C
Our freeze dried smoothie blends are packed with natural vitamin c, an immunity supporting vitamin that also boosts the production of beautifying collagen.
Vitamin B
Vitamin B, naturally present in our blends, helps with the conversion of food into energy. 
Naturally occurring antioxidants help fight the signs of ageing in your skin and fight harmful free radicals.
Polyphenols which act as reducing agents that neutralise free radicals. The free radicals can cause damage to our cells and this process is called oxidative stress.
Naturally occurring plant molecules that reduce bad cholesterol (LDL) – reducing one of the risk factors of heart disease.
1 of Your 5 a Day
There’s a handful of fresh organic berries in every shake. That’s one of your five a day. Unlike readymade smoothies, oatshakes have all the fibre, so they count!

Nutritionist Approved

So you can trust it’s doing you good.

100% Natural

Clean organic ingredients. No nasties.

Vegan Friendly

Just real, organic plants.


Plant based & nothing artificial.

No Gluten

No gluten, or soy, or dairy containing ingredients

Health Benefits

Your breakfast smoothie keeps you full till lunch, and packs a nutritious punch.

High Protein

At least 10g of vegan protein per serving.

High Fibre

Prebiotic fibre from oats & fruits feeds a healthy gut.

Nutrient Rich

One portion of organic fruit & veg in every oatshake serving.


Naturally occurring vitamins are easier to absorb that pills & supplements.

Three Delicious Blends

Does Contain

✓ Organic Gluten Free Oats
✓ Organic Pea Protein
✓ Organic Freeze Dried Fruits
✓ Organic Flaxseed

✓ 25 Naturally Occuring Vitamins & Minerals

DoesN’T Contain

✗ Artificial Ingredients
✗ Added Sugar
✗ Sweeteners
✗ Preservatives

✗ False Promises that this is the only food you’ll ever need

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