foga plantshake vegan energy bar

Plantshake Boosted Energy Bars by @Kit.Truman


1/2 a cup of mixed seeds (sunflower, linseed pumpkin – or whatever else in the cupboard!)
1 1/2 cups of almond flour⁠⠀
2 tablespoons of chia seeds⁠
The zest of half an orange⁠
1/2 a cup of dried cranberries⁠
1 cup of dried figs⁠
1/4 of a cup of dried mango⁠
1 tbsp of coconut oil⁠
1 Berries & Cinnamon plantshake pouch
Enough water (or the juice of that orange) to bind⁠


Thanks to @kit.truman for these beauties

foga plantshake vegan energy bar
Peanut Butter Coffee Overnight Oats Vegan

Peanut butter & Coffee Overnight Oats by @TCNutrition


1 pouch of Peanut & Coffee Protein plantshake
1 portion oats soaked overnight in favourite milk
Topped with 1 Banana slices, @pipandnut peanut butter, @thechiaco chia seeds, almonds and pepita seeds.

Thanks to registered dietician & nutritionist @tcnutrition for sharing this creation.

Blackberry Chia Overnight Protein Oats

Blackberry & Chia Power Bowl by @Claires_Noms


1 pouch Blackberry & Chia plantshake 
120g Fage Total 0% fat Greek yoghurt (substitute for vegan coconut yoghurt if needed)
1 scoop phD nutrition vanilla diet whey (substitute for vegan protein if needed)
100ml Alpro unsweetened almond milk
50g strawbs
50g blueberries, blackberries &
25g Dorset Creleas simply nutty muesli
Cocoa nibs 

Thanks so @claresnoms for this protein packed recipe

Blackberry Chia Overnight Protein Oats
Banana Turmeric Plantshake Porridge Vegan

Banana & Turmeric Porridge Bowl by @BitesByBekah


1 pouch Banana & Turmeric plantshake
Porridge oats (1 portion)
Half a banana sliced
Dessicated coconut
Banana boost nut butter from @jakesboost

Thanks @Bitesbybekah for this sunshine breakfast

Smoothie Pops by @PThirlwellPearce


1 pouch plantshake of your choice – my fave here is Peach & Cayenne plantshake
125ml water or milk of choice 

Shake as normal and pour into ice lolly moulds 
Freeze overnight 

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