These flaky, two bite festive favourites mark the start of Christmas in our household. Normally, we’ll gather in the kitchen at the beginning of December and make a batch with a glass of something. Some years, though, our resident elf (who goes by the name of Phoebe) sneaks off and preps some alone to accelerate the festivities!

They’re so much better than sweet, stodgy, shop bought mince pies and a fun way to get the gang involved. Once you’ve prepared your homemade mince meat (find our family recipe here) which you can do, literally, a year before, it’s more assembly than cooking. 


About 24 Small Pies

1 Jar of Homemade Mince Meat
225g of plain flour (or Spelt flour) plus extra for rollin
½ teaspoon of fine salt 
112.5g of Cold Vegan Butter* (or Dairy)
2 tablespoons of Water
A little oat milk

*For making pastry, avoid “Spreads” and opt for a solid, butter alternative. We recommend Flora B+tter or Stork Block. 


Muffin (or Patty) tin(s) – ideally with shallow 6cm apertures
Pastry cutters to match your tins – i.e. 1x 6cm, 1x 7.5cm
Pastry brush (optional)
A rolling pin
Mixing bowl


  1. Preheat your oven to 200oC
  2. Add your flour & salt to a large mixing bowl.
  3. Grab your butter alternative from the fridge, and working reasonably quickly (to keep it cool) chop it into 1 cm chunks and add into the flour. 
  4. Get your hands into the flour bowl and coat all the butter chunks with flour, then “rub” the butter into the flour with your finger tips until the mixture looks like fine breadcrumbs. Try to keep the dough cool, by working quickly!
  5. Add in the water and bring the mixture together into a smooth dough. 
  6. Pop the dough into the fridge in wax paper/freezer bag/cling film for at least 20 minutes to get cool again (you can actually freeze it too, if you don’t need it all now).
  7. Roll your pastry out as thin as you can on a lightly floured surface; about the thickness of a penny is perfect. 
  8. Using the butter wrapper, or a little leftover butter, lightly grease your muffin trays.
  9. Cut 24 larger pastry disks to form the bases and place into the tins. Gently press into place to squeeze out any air underneath & nudge up the sides.
  10. Add a heaped teaspoon of mincemeat into each pie (adjust as necessary if your tins are bigger/smaller but don’t overfill – the mincemeat expands a little)
  11. Gather up the pastry scraps and roll out again to cut 24 smaller disks as the tops. 
  12. Lightly moisten the edges of each top before gently pressing it into place as a lid – you can crimp the edges with a fork if you like – then pierce twice with a fork.
  13. Brush the pies with a little oat milk to glaze, then pop into the oven at 200 degrees for 25 mins or until golden brown. 

Homemade Mincemeat

If there’s something that tastes more festive, then we’ve never tasted it. This classic mincemeat recipe lasts for as long as you need it to, so one batch will last all season.

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