One of the reasons we started FOGA was because we felt that the food industry was failing us. Products marketed as healthy are so often full of additives and sugary fruit juices. People with good intentions but no time end up buying products with little or no nutritional value.

We think the rhetoric on wellness and nutrition has become too binary. It expects you to be making giant changes, or you’re failing. We have a different approach. We aren’t prescriptive, demanding you eat this and quit that – to us it’s a simple equation: the more plants you eat, the better you feel. We think that small changes can really add up, for you and the environment.

 Having more plants is the best thing you can do for your health and eating less meat (as a consequence) is the best thing you can do for the environment. It’s why we made the Plantshake. It’s designed to make natural and nutritious plants fit into your life. The plantshake is super nutritious, crazy easy and pretty delicious – and all it takes is a minute.

Plantshake By FOGA - Hands holding kiwi & greens plantshake and ingredients - vegan
Plantshake By FOGA - Hand holding peach & cayenne plantshake

However, our mission is bigger than our products. We’re not the only option. That’s why we came up with #PlantPoweredMinute. The Plant Powered Minute is all about taking easy one minute decisions that help you get more plants in and feel a bit better. Instead of having those crisps, have carrots and houmous instead. Pack your leftovers to have for lunch. Have a veggie sandwich rather than that chicken one you always go for.

The Plant Powered Minute is about the small changes that add up. Far too often people set themselves huge, unfeasible goals, while change really comes from little changes. The Plant Powered Minute is about aiming small, not large – making little steps in the right direction. Starting small can lead to the biggest results.

Join us in our mission to get everyone to take one step in the right direction. Share your favourite tips for getting more fruit and veg on socials under #PlantPoweredMinute and we’ll send you a discount code for some money off your next box of plantshakes. The most active participants in June will also be entered into a draw to win a fitness class with a friend and a box of 10 plantshakes.

Can’t wait to see your tips!


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