Our core belief is that wellness is all about nourishment, not deprivation. We want to make it easy, and fun, to fill your body with powerful plants, so you can feel better, have more energy and live longer, healthier lives. Smoothies are a convenient and delicious way to pack your body with fruit & veg, but not all smoothies are created equal – here’s why….

More Goodness than Fresh

Did you know that after produce is picked it starts to oxidise immediately? A fresh strawberry kept in a fridge loses 20% of its vitamin C and 80% of its polyphenols to oxidation in the first 7 days after being picked. If you freeze dry that same strawberry, it keeps all its valuable nutrients for a year. 

Blending fruit & exposing it to light accelerates this oxidation, so bottled smoothies kept in a fridge… Well, they probably don’t give you the nutritional punch you’re looking for, and the same is true of produce that we buy in supermarkets. It’s picked before it’s ripe, stored for as much as 12 months, before being labelled as fresh! All this time it’s deteriorating, so whilst it might be shiny and beautiful, it’s not giving us the goodness we want. Frozen or freeze dried produce gives us more bang for our buck.

Delicious Berries & Cinnamon Plantshake by FOGA - Instant Smoothie - Vegan Shake

Less Sugar Than Most Smoothies

Most bottled smoothies are mainly sugary fruit juice with no fibre (“pressed apples” anyone?). The way we see it – fruit juice is just taking the sugar out of fruit, and leaving all the important bits behind. Without fibre our bodies can’t process all the fruit juice in one go, and you get an energy rush and then a crash. 

With plantshakes, you get the same fibre as if you ate the whole fruit, instead of just sugary juice with a bit of puree to make it look like a smoothie. Because we use the whole plant, you get about half the sugar of a bottled smoothie, which means you’re not overloading your body, and you can process all the goodness properly.

You Might Just Live longer

Eating a diverse range of fruit & vegetables can extend your life. It’s one of the only nutritional truths that all scientists agree on, and it’s one of the easiest lifestyle changes to make. 

We should all be eating fruit & vegetables as if our lives depended on it – because they do” – Dr Michael Greger in How Not To Die 

We designed plantshakes to help you get a diversity of whole, natural, different plants with different plant compounds into your diets, in the easiest way possible. Because eating healthily isn’t about eating the same ‘healthy’ ingredients every day, it’s about getting as many different types and colours of plants into your diet as possible. Health experts tell us to aim for 30 different types every week (Dr Tim Spector, Dr Megan Rossi). A selection box of 10 has 24 different types of fruit & veg.

More energy to do the things you love

Fruit, veg, seeds and herbs contain nutrients (vitamins, minerals, and plant phytochemicals) that we can’t get from other sources. These nutrients are essential for thousands of processes in our bodies every day. If we don’t get these nutrients through our food, we become deficient which can lead to fatigue.  Leafy greens, beetroot, bananas and lemon are all great sources of folate (vitamin B9) which reduces fatigue. With water soluble nutrients like folate, it’s particularly important to keep topping up daily because we can’t store them. Bananas and chia seeds are a great source of natural prolonged energy. The list goes on…but think about replacing your next coffee with a nutrient dense plantshake for an energy boost.

Support your immune system

It has never been more important to be fuelling our bodies with the vital nutrients it needs so that our immune system is strong. A strong immune system gives us the best chance of fighting off infections. Vitamins that are essential for a strong immune system are Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Folate, Selenium, Zinc, Calcium (essential for Vitamin D function). All of which you can get from our super powered blends of organic, freeze dried fruit, veg, seeds & superfoods.

Deal with Stress

Did you know that the stress hormone cortisol causes us to use up our micronutrients faster? This means that in our high stress world, we can easily become deficient in key micronutrients. So it’s more important than ever that we are getting as many different types of fruit & veg every single day to cope with life’s stresses, big and small.

Improve your gut health

Research from the British Gut Project has shown that the most influential factor in having a healthy gut microbiome, was the number of different plants you ate in a week. “The more diverse the food we eat, the more diverse our gut microbes” says gut expert Dr Tim Spector. He recommends we should be eating more plants, fibre and polyphenol-rich foods like berries and beetroot. Plantshakes make it easier to have a different smoothie every day and keep that variety up.

They taste delicious

We think fruit is sweet enough so we don’t add any sweeteners, weird ‘natural’ flavourings or preservatives. Co founder Ollie uses his culinary background to create some unusual and exciting flavour combinations. Peach & Cayenne, anyone? Delicious on it’s own, and dangerously good shaken up with gin – wellness is about nourishment not deprivation after all!

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