14 Shakes – The Regular Shaker

(200 customer reviews)

£35.00 or £35.00 £33.25 / month


The Regular Shaker Box

Mix & Match from our range of 17 mouthwatering blends to create the perfect healthy gift.

You’ll have the option to add a BPA-Free, Dishwasher Friendly shaker half price in your cart too.

✓ Dairy free
✓ Vegan
✓ Organic ingredients
✓ No gluten ingredients
✓ Recyclable packaging
✓ No added sugar
✓ No sweeteners
✓ No flavourings


x14 shakes of your choice. Choose your favourites from our range of 17 mouthwatering flavours.
x1 Guide
x1 Prepaid Recycling Envelope


Our Regular Shaker box, is perfect for someone who wants a two week supply, or who is likely to have a shake a few times a week.

✓ Dairy free
✓ Vegan
✓ Organic ingredients
✓ No gluten ingredients
✓ Recyclable packaging
✓ No added sugar
✓ No sweeteners
✓ No flavourings


You can see full nutritional information for each blend on the product pages. Together, they pack a powerful nutrition punch, helping:

✓ Support immune system
✓ Increase energy levels
✓ Support regular digestive system
✓ Support gut health
✓ Support skin health
✓ Fight fatigue
✓ Increase mental clarity
✓ Muscle recovery


You can choose between shipping options at checkout, we chose our couriers for their speed, reliability and environmental credentials. There’s free shipping for orders over £40.

Orders placed before noon Mon-Fri will be dispatched same day, orders placed at the weekend or bank holidays will be dispatched on the next working day.


Your box will include a prepaid recycling envelope to return your sachets. If you need another, you can download a label here.

How to Shake

200 reviews for 14 Shakes – The Regular Shaker

  1. Moro1234

    Love it, great energy booster for those on the go…very easy to make, great variety of flavours.

  2. Walker Tiggy

    Just a great product. Makes the most delicious juices/smoothies. Particularly brilliant when you’re travelling and struggling to get healthy food.

  3. d garner

    Fantastic selection of flavours and quality product with outstanding customer service.

  4. Isabelle Shury

    Love these shakes, flavours are so nice even with just water. So quick and easy to have on the go

  5. Suzanne Fraser

    Loved the variety and range of flavours and ingredients.

  6. Sara

    Lovely! Thank you

  7. customer

    Highly recommended

  8. Ainsley

    Good value for what you get in the starter pack

  9. Gitanjali Amaratunga

    I really loved these plantshakes, they were so easy to make on the go and taste so fresh and vibrant. Such a good way to enjoy fruit and veg and all their benefits.

  10. Angela D

    Great product

  11. Gemma Gardner

    Exceptional product and service

  12. Monica Wadlow

    Tasty, healthy shakes. Fantastic choice of flavours.

  13. Lily

    For the price of an average smoothie if not cheaper, you get x2 of your portions of fruit and veggies in a quick, easy, super tasty drink! Definitely value for money if your smoothie obsessed and short on time most mornings!

  14. Customer


  15. Kimberly Hewson

    Easy way to try different flavours before committing

  16. Natalie Rowe

    Received my starter pack last week and all of the shakes I’ve had so far have been delicious! A good mix of creamy and fruity options and I like that some are with milk, others with water and some that it’s your choice. I would certainly recommend them!

  17. O.

    Very good very healthy

  18. customer

    A great way to try the plant shakes!

  19. Lucy

    Great combo and good value

  20. Zoe

    So much about Foga is amazing! The product is delicious, the process is innovative and effective, the branding is great. I really wish the brand could be part of my day to day life.
    BUT the product works out really expensive vs making your own smoothies at home. For less than the price of one Foga shake, you can buy a pre-cut variety bag of frozen smoothie fruits and veg from the supermarket which will make 6 smoothies so it’s so hard to justify a subscription. I feel Foga is more convenient and more nutritious but not 6 times more. Even a supermarket smoothie from the chilled cabinet is cheaper than a Foga shake. It would be great to see a one off ‘bumper’ Foga pack of 50 or 100 shakes that are significantly more cost effective for loyal customers.
    I was pleased to hear that there might be a vegan version of the Ginger & Greens shake as it currently has marine collagen from salmon in.

  21. Anon

    Delicious shakes that keep me feeling full.

  22. Liv

    Plantshakes are so delicious. So helpful and tasteful when you want a “snack” while working and didn’t have break in that time. After that you feeling so fresh and energized! Ordered them again. Thank you so much Foga!

  23. Jose Luis Poncio

    Healthy as it is, super easy to use at work when you need some greens and fruits. I wish the flavours were more “different” to each other, the taste on them is pretty similar.
    Kiwi and Greens is the best so far.

  24. Anja Elina Lin

    Even though I was looking forward to trying these shakes, the taste did not meet my expectations. I tried a few flavours but the texture of the shake is really off putting and frankly quite “slimey”. Gonna stick to fresh fruit smoothies from now on.

  25. han1=

    Perfect as an introduction to the smoothies to discover favourite flavours.

  26. Jennifer

    Good and nice it comes with bottle but again, very expensive

  27. Owl of days night

    Fantastic way to increase your plant intake all in one well travelled package.

  28. Marta

    Amazing tastes, fantastic meal replacement/breakfast/healthy meal option. No hidden bad ingredients. Love it and will be repurchasing.

  29. Florentina Rizea

    Great starter kit to find what taste you like to have every day!

  30. Lauren Ford

    Excellent, easy product

  31. Karen Bailey

    So delicious. I cant choose a favourite because the are all my favourite as I drink them.

  32. Tobias Patterson-Jones

    Excellent service and wonderful product. They are easy to make and taste great!

  33. Helen Toomer-Jones

    Prucy hut goid quality

  34. Jami Lashbrook

    I am really enjoying the mixes that are mixed in water but am having problems with the ones that go into milk. They are tasty (which a plus!) but they don’t really mix up properly. I’m not giving up because I like the product quite a bit.

  35. Adrienn DrSzalai

    Product&service is perfect.🔝

  36. Miss Ahmed

    Everything you need in one simple package – quick, easy and convenient to just get going!

  37. Sarah Tye

    Great that you can choose your own flavours

  38. Marissa

    Love that I got to choose my flavours. Also, the variety keeps it fun and doesn’t feel like a monotonous meal choice.

  39. Vina

    Great kit. Bottle is not of high quality but great kit to try out a range of flavors and decide which are the preferred ones.

  40. Sam S

    All of the flavours I’ve tried so far have tasted great!

    Only reason I’m giving four stars is because currently they are quite pricey, so I can’t afford to get them as regularly as I would like. Also, there is a little bit of grittiness to the shakes (most noticeable at the end of the drink) but that’s only a small fault.

    Everything else about FOGA and their plantshakes is great!!


    I love these shakes they taste amazing and are really quick to make.

  42. Christine

    Picked a selection of smoothies and protein shakes, enjoyed them very much.

  43. Sarah harding

    Lovely flavours make me feel great!

  44. Martha

    It had everything I needed-the glass container and an assortment of the drinks.

  45. Matt McCLUNE

    I totally love it

  46. Asi

    Great flavour and variety

  47. Gail Wright

    Shakes taste amazing, so fresh and full of flavour. Really quick and easy to prepare with the shaker that’s included. Will definitely be ordering more of these!

  48. Karen Adshead

    Great flavours and convenience.

  49. customer

    Brilliant way to trial the flavours

  50. Lynsey Macdonald

    Get kick start for me, easy to use

    Really good product

  51. Sean

    The Starter Kit arrived quickly and I love the flavours I chose.

  52. Fiona Campbell

    Great taste

  53. Lydia Moore

    Love the idea and can’t wait to make this part of my routine in 2020. The reality of making a smoothie from fresh ingredients is just not happening with my busy schedule. I do wish it was a bit closer to £2. It’s pretty expensive I think.

    Also the strawberry banana was a bit sweet for me but hopefully some other flavours will be just right.

  54. Vincent VILLEGER

    Presented very well and a good range of great tasting healthy smoothies – so convenient to have on the go!

  55. Clive

    The drinks are excellent – great flavours, taste and texture and leaves a warm inner afterglow.
    Only -ve is the price which I justify to myself as I only have the drink after an intense spin or interval session.

  56. Shena Cuming

    I just love this product. Great starter pack, with a free shaker, and great, recyclable packaging. I love the choice of shakes and will definitely be reordering.

  57. Dave

    Perfect for a starter to trial new delights

  58. Michelle Parsons

    Great value

  59. T Rose

    Amazing – love the free shaker, was worried the strap would get grubby but hasn’t yet

  60. Heart Gallery

    Very happy with FOGA; great company, great products

  61. Emma

    Tasty 😋 easy to prepare on the go !!! Great healthy !!

  62. Lina

    The product is very good.

  63. Debramyst

    Loved them all, please try, they do make you feel good. Xx

  64. Dave Sweeden

    If you don’t have a lot of time it’s perfect
    Although a little expensive I think it’s worth it

  65. Sue Baldry

    Great shakes lots of variety I add coconut milk & a banana for breakfast on the go

  66. Mr Dan Stone

    Nice but too expensive

  67. Viera

    Good introduction to plantshakes. The milk shakes take some time to dissolve with the bottle shaker leaving small bits of undissolved residue. The shakes are a delicious way to get our fruit and veg. Favourites for me are Kiwi and Greens and Banana and Turmeric.

  68. Andy

    Very nicely packaged

  69. Georgia Howarth


  70. Lisa Gilchrist

    Lots of choice. Favourite is the carrot cake!

  71. Jeany Lemon

    Have already reviewed the shakes. (Think they’re delicious!! The pack came with the shake bottle for an extra £4 and definitely worth the money. Makes the drink preparation quick and very simple. The pack contains sachets of your choice so you can order more of your favourites and avoid the ones you don’t like. Love this product and will definitely be ordering again

  72. Aurelia Cattaneo

    Good value and great taste

  73. Gordon Mccullough

    Great choice of shakes

  74. Chelmomott

    Nice pick and mix selection

  75. Nataliia Casanova

    Really good products

  76. Fiona

    Only tried a couple so far but quality and flavours are very good

  77. Tanea Sheils

    It’s the must amazing taste for me and very handy.

  78. Antl

    Very tasty!

  79. Jennifer Berry


  80. Catarina Patricio

    10 shakes for every fifteen days is such an odd number…. You could have a monthly membership, that would be great for overseas buyers

  81. Jade

    Good for beginners

  82. Donna Cook

    Taste great and so easy to make.

  83. R Cooper

    Berries and cinnamon my clear favourite for taste & texture, but each flavour I’ve tried has been lush.

  84. Chloe Reynolds

    Really tasty shakes, all arrived in a package and the instructions are clear. Loved that you can choose but free ones as I cannot eat nuts. My favourite so far is the strawberry and banana protein shake. As someone who can’t drink dairy its good to find an alternative to whey protein but still tastes nice.

  85. Beverly

    Great service

  86. Barbara McDowell

    Very good product which lives up to everything promised.

  87. Nicola

    Delicious! Very cost effective. I will absolutely continue to buy. I’d like a 20 pack or even a monthly pack!

  88. Johanna-Sophie Schulz

    Very tasty and lovely packaging

  89. Chris Connelly

    Convenient and great tasting plant shakes.

  90. Customer

    Great products and speedy delivery

  91. Olivia

    Taste great, so glad I tried them.

  92. customer

    Easy to use and tastes better than I expected.

  93. Miss julie wilson

    quick service brilliant produce will be ordering again

  94. Sarah

    I’m about half way through but so far so delicious. The shakes are very tasty but really satisfying for a light snack. Love them.

  95. Sheila Grant

    Great choice of flavours

  96. Karen Powell


  97. Debbie Buckingham

    Didn’t mix very well. Some flavours nice others bland. Wont be reordering sadly.

  98. Gareth

    Great starter pack, introducing the library of plant shakes on offer.

  99. Mandy Smith

    I love these shakes! Perfect with ice and almond milk. The coffee and peanut is perfect for breakfast with almond milk, a frozen banana, dates and oats!

  100. Lee

    Didn’t received my order, which has been placed on 29th of March 2020 and nothing been delivered after 2 different occasions!!! Worst of the Worst Companies Ever!

  101. Graham Grant

    cool product…. will definitely order more 🙏🏼

  102. Tracy Jolly

    Absolutely love them! So easy and convenient and taste great too!

  103. Sally Crofts

    I love these! This is such an easy way to make great tasting smoothies. When I make smoothies myself at home I’m so limited by ingredients, and always end up with a smoothie full of seeds. FOGA smoothies are so easy, so tasty, and I know I’m getting a diverse range of fruit and veg added to my diet. I love the flexibility to choose from a wide range of options, and the price isn’t bad either.

  104. Sarah

    Super tasty, easy to make and a great way of topping up your daily intake.

  105. Jane McLaughlin

    The smoothies are absolutely delish, great value and so easy!

  106. Anne-Marie

    The 10 pack option is a great way to try the plant shakes 10/10!

  107. Martha

    The package is small and well put together.
    I’m 1000% happy and satisfied with it all!

    Guys, pls go for it and you won’t regret it, trust!😋🙌

  108. Giovanna Menna

    Very tasty and perfect when you want something tasty but healthy.

  109. Elizabeth

    Tasty and feel good impact after consumption

  110. Dotty

    Excellent as expected, good packaging

  111. Andy gosheron

    Good starter kit on my 4 one and enjoying the plant shakes

  112. Lamina Animal™ Ltd

    Easy start up kit with a fantastic bottle, which is very easy to use. Nicely packaged with postage paid return envelope included to send back empty packages a fantastic initiative!

  113. Mike

    Amazing, great value, super tasty.

    would 100 percent recommended

  114. Nicola donati (Mr)

    Great taste and delicious variety.

  115. Sam

    Love them! Taste great and amazing choice of flavours 🙂

  116. Claire Paduano

    Brilliant starter pack. They are delicious 💚. I’m going to order some extra ones for gifts. I know I would be very happy to receive this as a gift 💝

  117. Heidi Hughes

    Each shake had a very strange bordering on unpleasant taste. Also despite following the instructions some shakes were full of lumps. Especially the coffee and peanut one.

  118. Angela Dyson

    So easy to make, love these shakes

  119. Vijaytha murali

    Easy to use, great taste and makes you feel amazing

  120. Cheryl Mitchell

    Brilliant product. Does what it says on the packet!

  121. customer

    Flavours are okay,good if you’re on the go and want a hit of nutrients.

  122. Kamal Ragupathy (verified owner)

    Arrived fast, great minimal pack. Really easy to use. Love the freedom of choosing your fave flavours. So so good

  123. Emma Woolnough

    I really enjoyed the Peach and Cayenne and the Ginger and Greens. Those are the flavours I would definitely order again, maybe the Banana and Turmeric too. I preferred the shakes that mixed with water as they seemed to mix better and have a smoother consistency than those that mixed with milk. The flavours are subtle but very tasty!

  124. Cathie Baker

    Great product good service and tasty

  125. Jonathan N

    The flavours are so good, taste is amazing and dairy free!

  126. Maki Budek

    So easy to make them, clean the shaker! And they simply delicious!

  127. Fiona

    Fabulous product, delicious and nutritious .

  128. Dan Low

    Great presentation, no unnecessary packaging, little waste

  129. karen pyrah

    Great quality. Taste delicious.

  130. Em

    Amazing! It was so nice to have a make your own box to decide which are my faves! I deffo have my faves and will be ordering again

  131. Annie Wood

    LOVE IT!! It’s the perfect amount. The variety of flavours is brilliant and they do make you feel exactly how is described on the packaging. I’ve tried so many similar products and these are by far the best. They have such a delicious and original taste, and there’s no horrible clumps. Definitely recommend buying the shaker too, and its an easy wash compared to others. SO SO HAPPY with my starter pack, I’m going to take out a subscription.

  132. tash

    Good as a starter pack to see which flavours you prefer.

  133. Sara Lilac

    Excellent way to try all the flavours and the products are amazing

  134. Marilyn Fauguel

    Very happy with my purchase. Refreshing and healthy.

  135. Frank

    Excellet products – marvellous range offered, carefully produced and packaged. Excellent service. Highly recommended.

  136. Edward Padmore

    Nice and easy, great taste.

  137. Dr J Todd

    Excellent selection of easy healthy smoothies

  138. Kelly Holmes

    Great Service, Great Product

  139. Helena R

    These have been really good for making sure I’m still getting a balanced diet and getting started in the mornings when I can’t always get to the shops. The ones you mix with water come out great, with the protein one particularly nicer than a lot of pre-mixed protein shakes I’ve tried… milk can be a little clumpy but it might be a case of practice makes perfect! The beetroot and ginger and peach and cayenne ones are my favourites so far.

  140. Daniela Laprea

    The coffee and peanut wasn’t the greatest, but the rest of the flavor was pretty great! The blackberry and chia is my favorite one 😊

  141. Ian Townsend

    I tried the introductory pack, had two so far. Both made up beautifully and tasted great. Still debating with myself on affordability though.

  142. Lisa White

    Tasty shakes! I prefer the ones you can mix with milk.

  143. FB

    So far really delicious – I like them a lot but there’s no getting away from the fact that they are quite expensive.

  144. Customer

    Excellent mix to try

  145. SARAH

    Really tasty, easy to use on the go!! Great idea!!
    My favourite is banana and turmeric.

  146. Nat Hines

    Great product.

  147. S G

    I have tried 5 of the flavours and so far there are none that I don’t like. I have been quite pleasantly surprised at the taste and texture of the powdered smoothies when made up. Will buy again.

  148. SD

    Love the thought and care that goes into the packaging. The pre-paid envelope for the empty sachets is fabulous.

  149. Holly adams

    10/10, love all the flavours!

  150. Rebecca de Silva

    They all taste amazing and so so easy! Thank you!

  151. Sharon Maunders

    Have so far tried six of the ten flavours and love them all! Very easy to make up and those made with water are as delicious as those made with milk! Feels like a naughty milkshake treat, but without all the nasties, just full of goodness.

  152. Tracey H

    Great tasting shakes and a great way to ensure your body has the good nutrients

  153. L Harris

    Delicious, energising, fantastic service – 5 stars!

  154. Elaine Doherty

    Amazing eco packaging love that you can send empty packets back. Great way to try all the flavours .

  155. Sophie G

    Nice to have the variety!

  156. Gman

    Tastes good.

  157. Stewart Binnie

    Great starter pack, have only had a few so far but they were all nice even the Beetroot and Ginger which I was a bit wary of but tasted wonderful. Easy to make up especially with the plant shaker.

  158. Chris Mccormack

    Great buying experience. Great customer focus. Tasty shakes.

  159. Elena Genova

    The shaker needs improvement- the cap is very difficult to wash. Rather than that it’s very very good

  160. Vinny

    The drinks taste powdery & not a good taste….

  161. Grace

    Good thank you

  162. Andrew Horton

    This was a great product to try as many shakes to fit your tastes, i have enjoyed having a different one each day. Coffee
    And peanut for sure a fave

  163. Emma Phillips

    Great product at an affordable price. Love all the flavours and simple to order. Delicious!

  164. Lewis Nettleton

    Excellent product, lovely taste

  165. Mel Quinn

    Very good value for money, delicious product

  166. Ms C D Fuller

    Excellent product – well packaged and delicious.

  167. Claire Fahey

    Love these shakes. I bought them for the nutrition but are quite filling so have them for breakfast. I feel like I have more energy already!

  168. Ms Cooper

    Interesting selection, have enjoyed those I have tried so far and found them tasty and energising

  169. Julia

    Speedy delivery for an excellent product. I don’t know how they make them taste so good!

  170. Customer

    Great way to try out the different flavours and find your favourites 😊

  171. Christine

    Delicious shakes

  172. Glamnan

    you will have your favourite. Plenty to choose

  173. Yahya Ahmed

    Great range of flavors, healthy, and easy to make. I’m won over

  174. Norma Edge

    Love the minimal packaging and that it’s recyclable.

  175. NP

    I haven’t finished trying all the shakes in the box but from what I have tried so far all have been very nice and super easy to make.

  176. Ted

    Very pleased with the product. Arrived quickly and well packaged

  177. Edina

    Shakes taste good. Excellent service

  178. Helen Sukangkit

    Fantastic product. Good way to try everything before deciding whether to go for a subscription! Which I highly recommend you do!

  179. Sue

    Great product. Finally something with no artificial colours and awful sweeteners. The taste of the prepared shakes is light and natural. Well balanced ingredients make sure that it is not too sour, bitter or sweet – just good.
    Do not expect anything close to the bottled smoothies from the shops though, this one is more like what you’d get at home, maybe a bit more diluted.

  180. Pixie

    Bought as a gift for my vegan friend and she loved it! The rainbow box looked fab and she was thrilled to try so many different flavours while be healthy at the same time. Only thing is, my gift note was left out so she didn’t know who is was from at first, just a minor mistake.

  181. Sheila Sutherland

    This is great, i bought as a tester box, didn’t find any i didn’t like.

  182. Sharon

    Bought as a present so have not tried but they look good.

  183. Melody

    Excellent way to get a variety to start off with, plus the matching shaker is great to use!

  184. Peter Sursaenke

    Taste good

  185. Ronalyn Hosena

    It was so good! cant wait to order again

  186. Gillian

    Value for money & a good intros to the plant shakes.

  187. Sylvia Whitelee

    Great way to get started with the whole range

  188. Alistair

    Great way to introduce yourself to the plant shake concept.

  189. Customer

    Sturdy box full of plant shakes to try! It was fun to try the different flavours, even if I didn’t love them all. Feels a bit pricey for what they are, but make for a tasty and healthy afternoon snack. Have just ordered my second box (without the shaker bottle this time).

  190. Tracy Dodds

    Great service. Keep you up to date with order progress . Just follow instruction to have an amazing drink .

  191. melanie owen

    the choice of flavours are great. Allows you to taste and try out lots of different options. I was worried about the kiwi and greens flavour but it was lovely.

  192. Brad

    Nice packaging, tasty product and healthy.
    Little bit less expensive please.

  193. Jennifer Gates

    The products taste terrible. They are gritty and unpleasant, I will not be buying again.

  194. CollectPlus Customer

    Fantastic gave me back my sparkle

  195. Jonathan Crane

    Tasty thick shakes

  196. melanie owen

    I love that I can choose which flavours I want. I have tried most of them, some I liked more than others, so this option works best for me

  197. Ms Vanessa Winfield

    Absolutely delicious and packed full of goodness. No synthetic or overly sweet taste.

  198. Mr Howe


  199. Mr Howe


  200. camilla.h.cassidy (verified owner)

    I am loving FOGA – my second box has just arrived, following the Favourites starter. The flavour combinations are brilliant, they truly taste made from fresh, and the price is comparable to a bottled to-go Innocent smoothie with far better health benefits. Sadly, the price is still really high compared to making a smoothie from scratch with frozen ingredients; that said, during COVID times when I’m going to the supermarket once a fortnight these are invaluable at keeping my diet feeling fresh and exciting, and even if I were going out more – I’d need a bonkers number of ingredients to create as rich and varied a set of flavours as are able to be delivered to me. I’m terrible at staying hydrated so I tend to make these with more liquid than called for but they’re still flavourful and delicious. Might not be a habit I continue indefinitely, but FOGA have been a total joy throughout the last year!

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