All The Sprinkles

Want to pack your diet with a wide range of super nutrient dense plants? Look no further.
– Sprinkle Some… GREENS.
– Sprinkle Some… BEAUTY.
– Sprinkle Some… FOCUS.
– Sprinkle Some… CALM.
– Sprinkle Some… GREEN SALT.

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All the Sprinkles

Get all the good stuff and save 17.5%. Pack your diet with delicious, nutrient dense plants in the easiest way.

Sprinkle Some… BEAUTY.

Nourish your skin and fight ageing from within with antioxidant-rich beauty foods. Beautiful skin starts from within, and adding these powerful plants is an easy way to start.


Sprinkle Some… GREENS.

Get a dose of powerful greens without even thinking about it! Rich in 21 essential nutrients, plus polyphenols and antioxidants.

A teaspoon is a handful of leafy greens.


Sprinkle Some… FOCUS.

Harness your energy and stay on top of your game with this blend of organic energising herbs and spices. Vibrant matcha & moringa meets herbal powerhouse echinacea and cosy cinnamon.


Sprinkle Some… CALM.

Relaxing and delicious blend of ancient herbs and spices. Steam it with milk, add to smoothies or add to food.

Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory turmeric meets ancient healing mushroom Reishi


Sprinkle Some… GREEN SALT.

Salt with benefits! Get a dose of powerful greens without even thinking about it! Green salt is your new favourite condiment which tastes good and does good.

1 teaspoon contains a palmful of organic greens


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