Beauty from the Inside

Our ultimate beauty bundle, curated to bring you the most anti-oxidant rich, skin clearing, collagen boosting of our blends.

1 x Sprinkle Some… BEAUTY.
1 x Ginger & Greens to feel Radiant
1 x Strawberry & Banana Protein to feel Strong
1 x Plantshaker (Optional and 50% off)

Bundled so you can save 15%

From: £74.50 £69.99

Do you need a shaker? – optional

It's half price with this bundle.

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The Beauty Bundle

Curated to bring you the most anti-oxidant, skin clearing, collagen boosting of our products. This bundle will add some of the most anti-oxidant foods in the world into your diet, helping fight ageing free radicals. The boost in fibre should support a healthy gut aiding in maintaining clear skin – plus, it’s reduced by 15% for a very limited time.

Sprinkle Some… BEAUTY.

Nourish your skin and fight ageing from within with antioxidant-rich beauty foods. Beautiful skin starts from within, and adding these powerful plants is an easy way to start.


Ginger & Greens Plantshake

A zesty and zingy green smoothie with antioxidant packed Moringa.

16 portions for you to use however you prefer. Scoop four dessert spoons and shake with water to make a perfect plantshake, or blitz with frozen banana, avocado or oats for a creamy breakfast bowl.


Strawberry & Banana Protein Plantshake

The best tasting protein shake we’ve ever tasted. You’ll taste real strawberry and banana, with a cherry note in the background to aid recovery. Nutrient packed & delicious.

16 portions for you to use however you prefer. Scoop three dessert spoons to make a perfect plantshake, stir a teaspoon through yoghurt to add flavour & micronutrients or add to porridge for a perfect plant based breakfast.


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