Fruity Trial Pack

We get it. 10 plantshakes is quite a lot. Here’s an easy way to give them a try. Three for £9 to give them a go before you commit to a full pack. It includes Raspberry & Banana, Strawberry & Mango and Blueberry & Apple.


Blueberry & Apple – Blueberries*, Apple*, Banana*, Mandarin*, Lemon*,

Raspberry & Banana – Raspberries*, Banana*,  Apple*, Spinach*, Lemon*

Strawberry & Mango – Strawberries*, Mango*, Banana*, Apple*, Peach*
*Organic ingredients

We don’t use any fruit juice in our smoothie blends. You get all the fibre of fresh, gently dried to preserve the natural nutrients. This is why they have half the sugar, double the fibre, and x3 the vitamin C of a bottled smoothie.

Try 3 of our most fruity blends before committing to a larger box. This pack includes 3 different plant-powered smoothies packed full of immunity supporting vitamins, and delicious fruity taste.

Just shake or blend one pack, with 250ml water for a delicious, hydrating and energising drink that brings you all vitamins that nature provides.

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