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Pink Himalayan Rock Salt with Organic Kale, Organic Spinach, Organic Moringa, Organic Broccoli, Organic Spirulina, Organic Rosemary & Organic Thyme.

Salt with benefits. Get a dose of powerful greens without even thinking about it! Green salt is your new favourite condiment which tastes good and does good.

1 tsp = 28g of organic greens 

This 48g jar contains 12 x 4g servings.

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“GREEN SALT is a secret weapon. It’s seriously delicious + Adds nutrients. I use it every single day.”

Ollie, co-founder of FOGA

Add Flavour & Nutrients.

Get your daily dose of greens and amp up any meal with delicious greens, rosemary & thyme paired with the best pink himalayan rock salt. Leafy greens are associated with so many health benefits, but they often feel like a chore. Green salt means you don’t need to change your diet to benefit from this extra goodness – you can even sprinkle it on chips. 

**Disclaimer: Salt is an essential part of a healthy diet. This product has been created to be added to home made food. Pre prepared food will already be heavily seasoned. If you are on a low salt diet this is not for you!

Real Food. No Nasties.

No weird extracts, juice powders, or ‘natural’ flavourings…all of which can contribute to inflammation in the body. Just whole, organic, harvest fresh produce gently dried to take out the water.


Salt with rosemary, thyme and some grassy undertones.


Salt grains with herbs and finely ground leaves.

What’s in it & Why?

Powerful Plants. No Nasties.

1 tsp = 28g of organic greens 

Pink Himalayan rock salt 

No additives


100% Vegan

100% Organic


Sprinkle Some...

On your avo toast, pasta, roasted veggies or stir into mayo, hummus and salad dressings for seasoning. 

How we use it

Green Salt Hummus

Mix a teaspoon of GREEN SALT. with a portion of hummus for a delicious dip. Add carrots, celery sticks & pepper for the ultimate snack.

Green Salt Mayo

Mix a teaspoon with your fave vegan mayo so you’re dunking your fries in greens.

Green Salt Seasoning

Sprinkle onto your food to add flavour and an extra dose of those leafy greens!

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2 reviews for GREEN SALT.

  1. Susan May (verified owner)

    Oh my this is lovely I put it on everything

  2. Sharon (verified owner)

    Big jar. My son will enjoy.

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