Kiwi & Greens

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"I loved each of the flavours I tried though my absolute favourite was the kiwi and greens- yum!"
Natalie, UK


A clean, fresh green smoothie. Get 100% of your daily requirements of Vitamin C and 25 essential vitamins and minerals in this delicious smoothie.

94.3 kCal per serving.



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Spirulina is loaded with B Vitamins which contribute to the conversion of food into energy, helping you keep doing the things you love for longer.
This recipe also has 100% of you RDA of Vitamin C – Kiwi and apple are both great sources.
Key Ingredients

With more Vitamin C than an orange, and high in gut friendly fibre, Kiwi is an immunity supporting powerhouse. Their rich green colour points to high levels of antioxidants.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, they say. Well if it’s true, it’s down to the high levels of Vitamin C and Fibre, which help make it another immunity supporting mega fruit.

The world’s most underrated vegetable. Broccoli contains a rich and diverse supply of vitamins and minerals, 1 cup providing 135% of our vitamin C, 116% of our vitamin K, 14% of our folate, 11% of our vitamin A, 8% of our potassium, 6% of our phosphorus and 3% of our selenium relevant RDI’s.

Now, we cannot guarantee that spinach will help you defeat your enemies like in Popeye, but it is still full to the brim with healthy goodness. spinach is packed with vitamins and minerals such as iron, essential to create haemoglobin, the molecule which delivers oxygen to the tissues in the blood.

Spirulina is a particularly mysterious blue-green algae, worthy of the title “superfood”. Gram for gram, it’s one of the most nutritious foods in the world, with only 7g providing you with 21% of your copper, 15% of your riboflavin, 11% of your thiamine, 11% of your iron and 4% of your niacin RDI, along with trace amounts of almost every other essential nutrient.

Full Ingredients List

3/4 of an apple°
3/4 of a kiwi°
1/4 of a banana°
5 spinach leaves°
1 broccoli floret°
1/6 of a lemon
A tsp of spirulina 0.3%°
A pinch of rice* 0.7%°

° Organic Ingredient
* to prevent clumping

Nutritional Information
per 100ml with water
Energy (kCal)37.194.3
fat (g)0.210.5
of which saturates0.040.1
Carbohydrates (g)9.6224.1
naturally occurring sugar (g)5.814.6
added sugar (g)00
Fibre (g)1.864.6
Protein (g)0.691.7
Salt (g)0.060.2
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Reviews (8)

8 reviews for Kiwi & Greens

  1. Susan May (verified owner)

    Have not tried it yet

  2. Lisa Russell (verified owner)

    This was my least favourite, made my throat feel itchy!

  3. Hannah (verified owner)

    I like the little kick of the ki wi in this – its refreshing

  4. Julia Hawkins (verified owner)

    Feels like wholesome goodness in a sachet

  5. Vernon (verified owner)

    That’s mine great

  6. katihogg55 (verified owner)

    Liked the slightly sour taste from the kiwi, great way to get some greens

  7. Jill Devlin (verified owner)

    This is my favourite it’s delicious and can feel the goodness as I am drinking it

  8. Michelle Gwynne (verified owner)

    Love this, felt very healthy afterwards.

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