The Lattes

We’ve taken to a morning brew of FOCUS. and a calming afternoon/evening latte made with CALM. We’ve found we sleep better, have more energy & focus with less jitters – a win win. They’re a perfect pair, the Kim & Kanye of superfood lattes and this bundle lets you give them both a go with 15% off the normal price.

– Sprinkle Some… FOCUS.
– Sprinkle Some… CALM.

p.s. they work great in other ways too – they are in the SPRINKLE SOME… range after all.

£20.00 £17.00 or £20.00 £16.15 / month

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These two work particularly well with hot milk – FOCUS. in the AM and CALM. in the PM. Coffee jitters are no more and restful nights of sleep are just a few brews away.

Sprinkle Some… CALM.

Relaxing and delicious blend of ancient herbs and spices. Steam it with milk, add to smoothies or add to food.

Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory turmeric meets ancient healing mushroom Reishi.


Sprinkle Some… FOCUS.

Harness your energy and stay on top of your game with this blend of organic energising herbs and spices. Vibrant matcha & moringa meets herbal powerhouse echinacea and cosy cinnamon.


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