The Zen Bundle

Our zen bundle combines essential nutrients burned through when you’re stressed with our most calming blends – Banana & Turmeric for the morning and CALM. for the rest of the day.

1 x Sprinkle Some… CALM.
1 x Sprinkle Some… BEAUTY.
1 x Banana & Turmeric Big Pouch

Bundled so you can save 15%

From: £49.50 £39.60

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Our most calming blends, designed to pack your body with essential nutrients that support it when stressed as well as powerful plants that bring calm and restful sleep. Each of these products works great on its own, or can be combined as you get creative!

Sprinkle Some… CALM.

Relaxing and delicious blend of ancient herbs and spices. Steam it with milk, add to smoothies or add to food.

Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory turmeric meets ancient healing mushroom Reishi


Sprinkle Some… BEAUTY.

Nourish your body and replenish essential micros with antioxidant-rich beauty foods. Stress burns through vitamins. Our BEAUTY. blend helps add some of them back.


Banana & Turmeric Plantshake

Creamy & thick with a spiced note from turmeric which contains curcumin – a potent inflammatory that has been shown to have anti-cancerous effects. There’s a great dose of pre-biotic fibre (from pineapple and banana) and anti-inflammatory ginger, making this another great one for gut health.