Two-Week Care Bundle

We created plantshakes to help fit more powerful immunity boosting plants into busy lives. They’re super long lasting and don’t oxidise, so they remain potent until you need them.

We passionately believe in the nutritional power of plantshakes, so we created a bundle that’s perfect for today’s challenges. We’ve created this because we care, so we’ve knocked over 25% off the cost, and for every care bundle sold we donate a meal to Compassion London ( who deliver to vulnerable children and their families, those who are ill and NHS and support workers.

The 14 day care bundle is a perfect way to show somebody who is stuck at home that you care. It’s got 14 plantshakes that will give them a delicious daily treat and ensure they’re getting the health boosting nutrients from powerful plants and superfoods like turmeric, flaxseed, beetroot, leafy greens and more!

14 PLANTSHAKES (£37.80)
1 Plantshaker (£8.00)

Bundle Cost – £45.80 £34.00 (save 25%)


£45.80 £34.00