Vitality Box

Supercharge your energy & immunity with plant powered smoothies.

Our Vitality Box contains everything you need to fortify your diet with plant power. This beautifully presented box contains 10 plantshakes and a it comes with a branded BPA-free, dishwasher friendly reusable shaker and a get started guide complete with recipes & tips.That’s a two week supply for most people.

It comes beautifully gift wrapped in our recyclable gift box so is perfect if you want to send it direct, or cut down on gift wrapping.

✓ Dairy free
✓ Vegan
✓ Organic ingredients
✓ No gluten ingredients
✓ Recyclable packaging
✓ No added sugar
✓ No sweeteners
✓ No flavourings

Each blend will have specific health benefits! Such as:

✓ Support immune system
✓ Increase energy levels
✓ Support gut health
✓ Support skin health
✓ Fight fatigue
✓ Increase mental clarity
✓ Muscle recovery


2 Ginger & Greens Plantshakes,
2 Kiwi & Greens Plantshakes,
2 Beetroot & Ginger Plantshake,
1 Berries & Cinnamon Plantshake,
2 Blueberry & Acai Plantshake,
1 Raspberry & Banana Plantshake

1 FOGA Plant-Shaker

This bundle contains some of our most nutrient dense blends, chosen to supercharge your energy & immunity with powerful plants.

Full nutritional information on each blend is available at on average, our shakes contain about 100 kCals. They have the same nutritional value & fibre content as fresh produce.

Each shake makes a satisfying 250ml serving.

All our products are made in the same facility where we handle nuts, so there is a risk that they all contain nuts.

You can choose between shipping options at checkout, we chose our couriers for their speed, reliability and environmental credentials. There’s free shipping for orders over £40.

Orders placed before noon Mon-Fri will be dispatched same day, orders placed at the weekend or bank holidays will be dispatched on the next working day.

This box will contain a pre-paid envelope to return the empty plantshake packaging to us. We recycle them with specialists called TerraCycle.

Our boxes & inserts can be fully recycled in your normal recycling.

Our Most Nutrient Dense Blends

We just took out the water.

Freeze drying removes the water from fresh organic produce by freezing & thawing in a vacuum. It preserves all the goodness and adds nothing.

Nutritional Values of Strawberries 7 Days after Harvest

FOGA - Freeze Dried Fruit Nutrition Comparison Chart - For Plantshakes - Freeze Drying Graph

Analysis by Sheffield Hallam University.

Crazy Easy

Shake or blend a pouch with 250ml of liquid for a smoothie with all the taste & nutrition of something you’d make at home.

Organic Ingredients

Wherever possible, we use organic produce. It’s the best farming practice for the world & creates more nutrient dense produce.

Zero to Landfill

Every box contains a pre-paid envelope. Use it to return your empties to us for recycling.


Powerful Plants for Busy Lives

We scour the world for the best produce and blend it to our nutritionist approved recipes, so you can have more energy to do the things you love.

The Vitality Box

Supercharge your energy & immunity with plant power. 10 plantshakes and a plantshaker.

Vegan. Freeze Dried. Organic Ingredients.

*may contain nuts.

How to Shake
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