We think that the food industry is failing people. The industry has put lots of money behind ‘healthy’ products that actually have little to no nutritional value. People with busy lives who are trying to live a bit healthier, but don’t have the time to prep meals, rely on what they can find that seems healthy but end up without the kind of benefits they think they are getting. We hate false food marketing, so watch out for these:

  • Green juices and ‘healthy’ smoothies. Green looks healthy. Fruits and plants sound healthy. Green juices definitely seem healthier than the fizzy drinks halfway down the aisle. But often these green, healthy sounding drinks can be 80% sugary fruit juice. They don’t say this on the bottle, though – so watch out for words like ‘pressed’ as give-aways for juices. It’s great to get more fruit into your diet, but these juices aren’t the best way. You feel great when fruit comes with the fibre that fills you up and helps you absorb loads of nutrient, but those juices and smoothies won’t get you those.
  • Lots of brands like to market that they’re ‘XXXXXX-free’, but that doesn’t make them healthier necessarily. Gluten free products have boomed recently, but gluten free flours are often highly processed and lack some really important nutritional benefits. They lack the fibre, vitamin and minerals you’d get in wholegrain flours. Whole alternative grains, like teff or spelt (this ones not gluten free!), are more nutritious.
  • Protein bars and shakes have a lot more sugar than you’d think. People rely on protein bars and shakes for gains, especially those with a vegan diet where large amounts of protein is pretty hard to come by. But if you look at the labels, you’ll see it’s syrup central: glucose syrup, date syrup, rice syrup… it’s just sugar. Who can blame you for trying to get your protes in, but watch out – there’s a lot more in protein bars than the gains you’re after.
Plantshake by foga - three plantshakes with fresh fruit & veg and powder

Shakes don’t have to be loaded with added sugar to taste great

It’s hard to fit nutrition into a hectic schedule. That’s why these products have been so successful – they are convenient and an easy fix. But they’re full of sugars and don’t have the things we really need. Whole foods and plants offer a much better way to get those things – but can take a long time to prep. We want to make taking steps towards better nutrition easier and more convenient. It’s why we made the plantshake and why we write these articles. We’re really passionate about food and health and think the food industry is failing us. If you’ve got any savvy tips on how to spot more false food marketing, let us know below or on social media!

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