7 Tips for ‘Jump-Out-Of-Bed’ Energy Levels

Our secrets to energy levels so high that you jump out of bed every morning

It’s no secret that entrepreneurs need to be expert at time management, often juggling multiple projects, but there’s something that’s even more important…✨energy management✨ It’s something that we’ve learnt to become pretty expert at since setting up Foga! 

Wanting more energy is the single most common reason people come to us, because having more energy enables us to do more of the things we love, which make us feel happier, which gives us even more energy! 

This is not just important for entrepreneurs, it’s important for everyone! So here are our secrets to our endless (and sometimes annoying!) energy.

Imagine being able to jump out of bed full of energy

1. Energy bank balance

Think of your energy as a bank balance. There is a finite amount that can be spent before you hit burnout. 

2. Pick your priorities

Get clear on what’s important to you and what’s not. What you have to do, and what is optional. This helps you to manage your energy on your own terms.

ASK YOURSELF: What would you do if you had more energy?

3. Nutrition is key

Nutrition plays a huge role in your energy levels. If you rely on caffeine and energy drinks to see you through the day, you are setting yourself up for spikes and crashes of energy. For sustained energy, focus on adding in things which give you health benefits, such as fruit & veg, fibre, protein & healthy fats. 

Don’t punish yourself for enjoying foods that you love and make you happy – especially not at this time of year! Make sure you are balancing with lots of different colours of fruit & veg. If you are feeling run down you could be deficient in some nutrients so increase the amount of fruit, veg & wholegrains you eat every day.

4. Move your body every day.

It’s so easy to stay inside during the winter months but do not underestimate the impact that getting fresh air and light on your face, will have on your energy levels. Walking has so many health benefits. We recommend early in the day and not leaving it until it’s dark as you can easily go through a whole day without moving increases lethargy. 

Daily movement – even just a walk – can improve energy levels.

5. Stress spends energy

Energy management and stress go hand in hand. It is so important to take breaks and breathe properly when you’re feeling stressed which activates the parasympathetic nervous system.


6. Learn to Say No 

Say no. Everyone wants a piece of you at this time of year, so if it doesn’t bring you happiness, or serve you in any way, say no. And say it quickly, do not let it hang over you!! Try not to let the easing of lockdown (for some) put more pressure on you to give more of your energy 


TOP TIP: If you’re on back to back zoom calls, take a couple of minutes between each one to do 5 deep breaths.

self care

Protect your evenings to boost your energy in the morning.

7. Protect your wind down  

Put practices in to wind down at the end of the day. Whether it’s meditation, herbal teas, a mug of CALM, storytime or lighting a candle. Taking time to wind down properly will help to prepare you for sleep and help you to feel more rested to tackle the day ahead. 

If you’re going to watch TV, do it but put your phone away and focus on that one thing. Things that work the best for us are going for a walk, read a book, play a game, cook! These enable you to focus on one simple task and give your mind a break from our hectic lives.  


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