Learn about the amazing process of freeze-drying and how it preserves the nutrients, flavour and texture of foods. 

We source the most nutrient-rich organic ingredients that are picked when they are naturally ripe. To make sure we lock in the maximum nutritional value of these amazing organic foods, we use a process called freeze-drying.

The process itself is very simple, fruit and veg are picked when they are naturally ripe, they are flash frozen at -30, and then gently dehydrated in a vacuum. It’s a simple, but amazing process. 

7 days after being picked, strawberries lose 80% of their antioxidants 

Here are the benefits of our freeze-dried blends: 

1. It preserves nutrients

Scientists have long known about freeze-drying and have been using it for years because it preserves food perfectly by simply drying them out. It stops the oxidation that destroys nutrients. Did you know that most plants start to decline in nutritional value from the moment they are picked? Within 7 days a fresh strawberry has lost 80% of its polyphenols, while a freeze dried strawberry still has 100%, and that supermarket ‘fresh’ apple could be a year old. 

2. It increases the shelf life

Fresh fruit & veg have a very short shelf life. They start to degrade nutritionally from the moment they have been picked. To give us year round ‘fresh’ fruit & veg, produce is picked before it’s ripe and stored in cold warehouses under gasses. This may stop it going off, but it’s no longer the ‘fresh’ apple we think it is. Freeze-drying fresh produce when it is at its most ripe, is a great way to lock in those nutrients and preserve them for when we need them. Just like people have been doing for hundreds of years but dehydrating, picking and naturally preserving foods. 

Freeze-drying also preserves gut-healthy fibre, unlike cold pressed juices which throw this away. 

Fresh fruit & veg have a very short shelf life. 

3. It prevents food waste


So much fresh food is thrown away because we leave it to go bad. This is a huge waste of the earth’s precious natural resources. Freeze drying prevents fresh foods from being wasted, so they can be stored for when you need them. Our individually portioned packs and bulk bags mean that you never have to waste fresh fruit and vegetables again.

Luxuriate with all that freezer space

4. It doesn’t take up space in your fridge or freezer

Freeze dried produce is lightweight and can be kept at room temperature. This means it doesn’t have to take up precious space in your fridge or freezer. And it doesn’t have to be transported using an energy intensive chilled supply chain.

5. It means no additives

There are lots of ways to dry and preserve fruit & veg, but many of them require additives, preservatives and fillers. Freeze-drying is not only the best process for preserving micronutrients, but it also the cleanest process. No additives or chemicals are used so you get super clean, organic powders and nothing else.

Still interested? Read about the exact process we use here



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